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The "Art" & Science of Marketing


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The "Art" & Science of Marketing

Diane Reed

"In order to help someone who’s in a very different vibrational frequency, you’ve got to adjust your vibrational frequency so that they can hear you."
– Abraham

Marketing is as much an art as a science. The "art" is drawn from an intuitive sense of attunement to the whole relational field – what modern mystic Thomas Hübl calls "transparent communication."

This deeper resonance connects with and awakens your target audience.

The price to pay for not creating that connection can be steep. Witness this explanation about how presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost the election. As Sam Stein writes in The Huffington Post, "Clinton Camp Mastered The Science Of Politics But Forgot The Art.

Science is an important part of any campaign. It attempts to demonstrate certain trends are real as it ascribes meaning to metrics, from which we can adjust our efforts towards a more successful outcome.

However, a word of caution: If marketing was merely a scientific undertaking, then everyone who deployed the correct measures would achieve the corresponding successful results. Your campaign with the proven formula would unfailingly exceed your target goals.

But marketing isn't just science; as Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, "there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

So, what is that X factor, the "art"?


The "art" of marketing is what brings marketing to life. It is a talent for communication that taps into a higher attunement. 

I define the work of Mercury Forward as "Marketing Orchestration" because I believe the art is in finding the resonant notes that connect your brand's product or service with the needs of your target audience so as to awaken their engagement. It is a symphony, designed and played to move the audience into an intended state.

The final touch of marketing orchestration is to create a harmonic coupling of art and science, landing the message where it will resonate loudest and clearest, in the most compelling ways.

Without art, you risk blending in, undistinguished among all the offers out there. Your message becomes formulaic rather that creative. 

Don't let this be you: “Sometimes I worry, as we’ve embraced more of the science of politics and less of the art, we draw boxes around people and have algorithms for determining how they will vote,” said one campaign manager. “In reality, I’m not sure it is the most efficient way to win.” – Huffington Post

Diane Reed is a former media executive who now provides marketing orchestration for people who want to make the world a better place. She's currently writing a book, The Art of Spin