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The Angels' "Spin" on World Events


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The Angels' "Spin" on World Events

Diane Reed

In this unique perspective, Guest blogger and spiritual messenger Belinda Womack shares the angels' "spin" on the challenging times we face in the world today. [Note: whether or not you believe the message, this is a shining example of how there are no limits to how you can spin any situation to take a more empowering outlook! – Ed.] 

Message from The Angels

During these days of awakening Schoolroom Earth from her deep slumber, we say to you that both the fear still generated by ancient belief paradigms, as well as, the dreams of the human heart that refuse to be held back, are bursting forth like geysers. The force of each, fear and happy dream, is growing in magnitude and to watch the release of both is amazing and fantastic to us of the Angelic Realms. We offer our support to help your human psyche hold steady so that during this roller coaster ride called life, you bring into manifestation what the Child within you has been waiting to experience, often for multiple incarnations. What do we mean by “hold steady”? We encourage you to call on your Angels for help, to breathe, and to practice gratitude in order to keep the vibration of your mind at its highest. You might say to us, “but, 12 Archangels, I know all of this and yet, I still feel like I am walking on an earthquake vault. I still feel like there might be a volcano that is about to erupt inside of me or in my backyard and why do I sense that there are ferocious funnel clouds looming over the roof of my house? Where is there any hope for positive change for me, or for my planet?” 

Yes, we are aware that Schoolroom Earth is going through both a transformation and a transition into a higher vibration. Some welcome the change. Some are fighting it “tooth and nail,” because they are desperately trying to hold onto the old power of fear that keeps much of Earth’s inhabitants experiencing suffering and lack. Even more human beings are turning to addiction and other forms of escape, including death, because they feel overwhelmed mentally, emotionally, and financially and yet we say to you, POSITIVE CHANGE IS AFOOT! We need your help in order to support you in receiving all of the benefits well on the way to you. How can you help the 12 Archangels? We ask that you free your mind of worrying about the timing. When thoughts of “how much longer will it take before the changes I want to see will happen in my reality,” we say that you are now walking on your hands instead of your feet. However, when you will your mind to focus on the here and now and hold the intention that today is the happiest, healthiest and most abundant day of your life, you will feel better and you will help your beautiful Earth move through her transition at the speed of Light and Sound.


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