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Helping to bring your genius to the world

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Mercury Forward

Marketing Orchestration To Bring Your Genius To The World

You make a difference. But do you have the support you need to bring your transformational message to the world?


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How do you take an ordinary marketing campaign and make it EXTRAORDINARY?

I often meet people who want to promote their products or services but are afraid of marketing because they feel like "selling" somehow doesn't have integrity.

🔸 Well, what if you could market with AUTHENTICITY?

🔸 If you have something important to contribute, you deserve to be heard! 

Learn to attract and engage customers by fine-tuning your marketing message and presenting your brand and services with a clarity that resonates with you and your target audience.

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I'm Diane Reed, marketing consultant and I’m writing the ultimate how-to, The Spiritual Guide to Marketing, designed to help you bring your genius to the world.

I've been orchestrating successful marketing and communication strategies for TV networks and film projects, bestselling authors, and transformational change agents, using the power of marketing orchestration.

Get the support you need to…

– Jumpstart your dream project

– Create a webinar

– Launch your online course

– Promote your book

– Develop branded content


What clients are saying about Mercury Forward

"In my 50 years of writing and publishing books, and now giving teleseminars, there is no one better than Diane Reed. She combines high intelligence, symphonic attention to details and the orchestration of the whole, as well as marketing genius. Best of all, she provides a collaborative partnership in which one moves to a higher standard of creativity and success." — Jean Houston, Author of 28 books, Seminar Leader, United Nations Consultant

"I have been an author and sender of what I consider to be important messages for 20 years, and during that time I have come across very few people who could match (or, frankly, come even close to matching) Diane Reed’s ability to originate, activate, follow through on, and move to successful completion any significant endeavor. Ms. Reed understands both the mechanics and the nuance of message clarification and delivery. She is a person in whose hands I would place any program, project, or undertaking—from its formation to its strategizing to its conclusion—without question or pause." — Neale Donald Walsch, bestselling author, Conversations with God


"I extend my gratitude to Diane Reed for her work in helping to bring our online programs to thousands of students around the world. Her insight, strategic thinking, creativity, and resourcefulness were a great asset to our team. I enjoyed working with her!" –– Thomas Hübl, mystic and spiritual teacher

"As one of our senior marketing managers, Diane contributed invaluably to the success of numerous multi-million dollar campaigns and was intimately involved at every level of marketing strategy, content creation, and webpage design. We heard from our faculty again and again how much they appreciated Diane’s attention to their needs and the cohesion she brought to each and every project, inevitably driving its success." — Claire Zammit, PhD, Co-Founder, Evolving Wisdom

"Diane is a total pro and a joy to work with. She is highly organized, dedicated, caring and committed to getting the job done.” 
Arielle Ford, producer, publicist, marketing expert and bestselling author, The Soulmate Secret and Wabi Sabi Love

"Diane helped with the launch of Tribal Leadership and The Three Laws of Performance, and helped both become best sellers. She is an outstanding project manager—good at keeping things on track, and making sure everyone is taken care of at the same time. She’s also fun to work with.” — Dave Logan, bestselling author; Senior Partner and President, CultureSync; Senior Lecturer, USC Marshall School of Business