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I will say it. There is no one better. In my 50 years of writing and publishing books, and now giving teleseminars, there is no one better than Diane Reed. She combines high intelligence, symphonic attention to details and the orchestration of the whole, as well as marketing genius. Best of all, she provides a collaborative partnership in which one moves to a higher standard of creativity and success.
— Jean Houston, Author of 28 books, Seminar Leader, United Nations Consultant
I have been an author and sender of what I consider to be important messages for 20 years, and during that time I have come across very few people who could match (or, frankly, come even close to matching) Diane Reed’s ability to originate, activate, follow through on, and move to successful completion any significant endeavor.
Ms. Reed understands both the mechanics and the nuance of message clarification and delivery. She is aware, as well, of all the key steps in successful project development and coordination, and I consider her to be an expert at their implementation.
I have seen her work confidently and rapidly under deadlines and pressure, and do so with unfailing grace and equilibrium. She is a person in whose hands I would place any program, project, or undertaking—from its formation to its strategizing to its conclusion—without question or pause.
I experience one of Ms. Reed’s primary talents to be the ability to grasp immediately the deeper meanings and delicate subtleties, as well as the motivational focal points and touchstone response generators, of any message —- and to translate that rich understanding into vibrant and effective outreach. I am equally impressed with her personal dedication and commitment to whatever undertaking in which she is involved.
In short, I recommend the skills, the talents, the abilities, and the work ethic of Diane Reed without hesitation or reservation. If the task is important, she is the person for the job.
— Neale Donald Walsch, bestselling author, Conversations with God
I extend my gratitude to Diane Reed for her work in helping to bring our online programs to thousands of students around the world. Her insight, strategic thinking, creativity, and resourcefulness were a great asset to our team. I enjoyed working with her!
— Thomas Hübl, mystic and spiritual teacher
I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Diane Reed for the past 4 years at Evolving Wisdom. As one of our senior marketing managers, she contributed invaluably to the success of numerous multi-million dollar campaigns and was intimately involved at every level of marketing strategy, content creation, and webpage design.
Her ability to deeply understand brand voice and gauge the target audience accurately were assets to every project she worked on with us.
Specifically, she helped develop and launch new courses as well as managing ongoing campaigns. She also successfully arranged and produced many of our free online events, running effective opt-in campaigns, and helping to build Evolving Wisdom’s email list by hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

Diane also played a key role in managing sensitive relationships with our core faculty and partners, which she did with skill and grace. We heard from our faculty again and again how much they appreciated Diane’s attention to their needs and the cohesion she brought to each and every project, inevitably driving its success.
From her obvious investment in our company’s mission, to the support she gave her colleagues day in and day out, Diane has been someone we’ve been able to count on to deliver at the highest level every time, and to keep a level head even under the pressure of last-minute deadlines and breakdowns.
I am excited for Diane as she moves into this next stage of her journey by launching her consulting business and know that she will be a tremendous asset to the clients, organizations and communities she will serve.
— Claire Zammit, PhDc, Co-Founder, Evolving Wisdom
Diane helped with the launch of Tribal Leadership and The Three Laws of Performance, and helped both become best sellers. She is an outstanding project manager—good at keeping things on track, and making sure everyone is taken care of at the same time. She’s also fun to work with.
— Dave Logan, bestselling author
Diane is a total pro and a joy to work with. She is highly organized, dedicated, caring and committed to getting the job done.
— Arielle Ford, producer, publicist, marketing expert and bestselling author
Diane’s hard work helped to establish the success of the Clinton Global Initiative in its first year.
— President Bill Clinton
Diane and I worked together at MTV Networks for 10 years. In that time Diane ran our events program (there were over 100 a year) among other responsibilities. I can’t remember a time when these frequently large projects didn’t work out just the way they were supposed to—organized, innovative, often fun and invariably without a hitch.
— Peter Low, Executive Vice President, MTV Networks
It was my great pleasure to partner with Diane during an exciting period of growth and reinvention at MTV Networks. Together, we created a strategy that unified 22 networks and presented a stronger, more potent offering for distributors. Diane proved to be a wonderful team leader and collaborator — insuring that the trade ads, online campaign, collateral and booth design all worked in concert to enhance perception and drive distribution.
— Robin Fisher Roffer, Founder & CEO, Big Fish Marketing, Inc.
Diane is a touchstone of communication in the multi-message, mutifaceted, multi-discipline world of brand marketing. Often, between creatives and executives, marketers and clients, sales and the spenders there exists natural gaps in language, in philosophy. Diane has the unique ability to grab on to both sides of any conversation, hear distinctly each point-of-view, make solid on-the-spot decisions and bring everyone on to the same page. After a conversation with Diane, no matter what your role on a project, you know what’s going on and where, collectively, you’re going.
As a creative, I’d like to say Diane’s always on your side. But, I think that’s what makes her so wonderful at her job. I’m certain the clients, the business development people have the same feeling about Diane on every project too. That’s what makes her amazing. Working on a project with Diane, you are always heard, you always know what’s going on, what the goals are and, with 100% of the credit going to Diane, you feel that you clearly accomplished something. I wish more marketers were like Diane... if so, every project would be as successful as those that Diane directs. Projects she leads truly maximize the value, contribution and potential of every person, every asset, every message into a cohesive, smart and exceptional final product.
— Brian Tolleson, VP Creative, Logo & MTV Networks
It was my pleasure to work as a creative partner with Diane at MTV Networks. Diane was adept at creating an atmosphere of collaboration and encouragement that lead to successful, creative marketing and sales materials that brought outstanding results.
— John Farrar, VP Design, Viacom
Diane is a remarkably smart, savvy and talented marketing pro. I have found Diane to have a really high ‘get it’ factor, have great and imaginative ideas, a rich knowledge background, and to be a really fast thinker. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.
— Carol Montgomery, Associate VP at DePaul University
I had the pleasure to work with Diane at MTV Networks for 5 years, and have always been impressed by her strategic thinking, particularly with emphasis on brand-building and big picture ideation. I partnered with her directly in creating MSO-specific materials for large-scale events and campaigns, as well as providing content for various initiatives that branded MTV Networks to our affiliate community and beyond. She is a natural leader with great management skills and is unrivaled with large scale planning and execution. I would highly recommend Diane to any clients interested in partnering with her, as well as any organization who is in need of a smart, strategic, and creative marketer.
— Jessica Yocum, Marketing Manager, MTV Networks
One of the best people I’ve ever worked under. Leadership. Creativity. Intelligence. She was a stand for my greatness which contributed to me being effective in my job - I’m forever grateful for what she has provided for me.
— Duane Baldwin, Marketing Associate, Landmark Education
I worked with Diane in several capacities at MTV Networks for over 12 years and learned so much from her. Whether it was coordinating major corporate events such as the MTV Inaugural Ball for President Clinton or the MTV Video Music Awards, or managing marketing projects and initiatives, Diane’s creativity and careful attention to detail created flawless experiences for our highest profile affiliate clients. Diane was crucial in creating effective branding and marketing materials for our newly developed affiliate training team. Diane will always get the job done in the most efficient, cost effective manner but will give you a product that presents the most bang for the buck. When Diane oversees a project, a client can relax knowing that every aspect has been carefully handled and they are getting the best product possible with excellent results.
— Amy Kolasky, Special Events, MTV Networks/Viacom
It was great working with Diane on designing of my company identity. Diane helped me to source a company and worked as a liaison providing me with professional advice. She is very helpful and knowledgeable.
A great listener, Diane provides a great service without wasting any time. When dealing with people, Diane has skills of a real diplomat. She helped me to negotiate a contract by structuring effective communications in a direct but delicate manner. I hope that our business relationship will continue to flourish. I would highly recommend Diane to anyone in need of consulting services.
— Natasha Matskovich, Convertible Designs, Viacom, NBC Universal

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