Unique Marketing Orchestration for your Project


You're a change agent, author, inspirational speaker or success coach. Your ideas have the capacity to transform the world, but there's one small problem––you need to find a way to reach your audience with the message that will attract and engage them.

I have a history of orchestrating successful marketing & communications strategies designed to increase revenue and build brand awareness and customer engagement. I'll help you:

- launch your online course
- Promote your book
- Jumpstart your dream project
- develop branded content
- Grow your audience
- Make a difference!

You may be starting from scratch to introduce a new product or service into the marketplace. Or you may want to improve your current reach and conversion rates, but don't know what else you can do.

From overseeing an entire campaign to providing expert guidance and a set of "fresh eyes" . . . I make consulting services available by the hour, by the month, or by the project.

A Menu of Possibilities


  • Marketing strategy: This starts with a discovery assessment which includes an immersion into your key messaging and a review of your current marketing assets. You'll come away with an infusion of fresh ideas, feedback and recommendations.
  • Copywriting: There is a sweet spot where your message resonates what your customers want. I'll show you how to develop and deliver engaging communications that move your audience through the sales funnel to conversion.
  • Be Seen & Heard: Often a few tweaks to your website or social media posts can make a world of difference. I'll review your existing materials, or map out recommendations for new ones, to optimize your success across platforms:  
    • Website Pages
    • Emails
    • Social Media
    • YouTube
    • Blogs
    • Live Events
  • JV/Partnerships: My team can help you find partners and target like-minded audiences to attract more potential customers

How I've Helped My Clients Achieve Success

I have years of experience developing, overseeing and executing authentically-branded, financially-successful marketing campaign strategies. Among my accomplishments, I have:

  • Developed and executed strategy for over 28 six-figure launches for online programs
  • Ran online opt-in campaigns signing up hundreds of thousands of new subscribers
  • Managed marketing campaigns that turned books into bestsellers
  • Produced corporate events and trade shows to launch brands and train employees
  • Developed new programs and products grossing over $6.2 million in sales
  • Created branding strategy for products, networks and corporate brands
  • Developed and improved websites to market effectively and efficiently

Get the Support You Need

Oprah has her favorite things; here's one of mine:

One of my favorite things to do is to sit down with someone and find out what they want to have happen, then create a plan to move it forward and make it come true. Some people call that "manifestation." I call it Mercury Forward: Marketing Orchestration to Bring Your Genius to the World.